Relive The Day

Relive The Day

Relive your wedding day over and over again in immersive ultra high definition 360° footage. This style of videography ensures not a single moment is missed and is perfect for recording key events

Share moments

Share special moments

There’s always that handful of guests unable to attend a wedding. A 360º video means you can invite people to your wedding, even once it’s over.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

There are times that as much as you or a family member would want, they are not going to be able to attend your special event. The answer for this is to offer live streaming, creating the ability for your loved ones to watch online in real time.


What We Do For You

In3D is a leading virtual reality service provider in Pakistan.
Our cutting edge technology can enable your future generations to be present at your wedding.

360° Images

WhatsApp a virtual tour of your wedding to your friends and let them experience the ambiance as if they were there.

360° Video

Relive key moments of your wedding in a whole new perspective and discover something new every time you watch it. 360° videos are the best way to capture the most important moments in your life.

Cinematic Drone

In3D has specialized in capturing high resolution cinematic drone footage. This can be combined with our 360 videos. We utilized only professional grade equipment with great stabilization and high dynamic range.

Our Mission

Preserving Your Memories

When you have In3D at your wedding, you’re doing more than just renting a 360 VR camera. We take footage of all the key moments and blend it into an immersive 360 virtual reality experience that brings your wedding to life over and over again.

The Process

Let’s Plan

Please contact us for an information discussion about your needs and what we can provide.

Crafting a Memory

After planning with you, we arrive on the big day to set up our unobtrusive 360° capture equipment and record the event for you.


Your event can be displayed and shared on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset.


What are you waiting for?

For more information on 360° Filming, contact us now!
We offer filming services between events, weddings, concerts and even 360° Photography!
We look forward to bringing your moments to life!

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Our Mission

We envision to be the catalysts which advances VR technology in Pakistan, brining a lasting and positive change to the way a dream or an idea can be shared with other human beings.

Our History

In3D is the sole leader in providing fully immersive virtual reality Services in Pakistan. Our portfolio is writing the history of VR in Pakistan.